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The Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs

Airport West + Airport South = Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs

Airport West and Airport South CID leaders agreed to unite their efforts under the name Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs. Both sets of Board Members work together as a much stronger unit to serve commercial property owners in Fulton and Clayton Counties.

While each CID remains its own entity, the Boards approved joint administration of both CIDs. Airport West CID Executive Director Gerald McDowell serves as the administrative lead for the Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs and their staffs.

The Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs represent an exciting advancement for opportunities to bring success for both districts, creating a unified and comprehensive plan to make south metro the most desirable area in Atlanta to conduct business.

“The Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs are committed to creating an economically strong, safe, attractive and vibrant community surrounding the world’s most-traveled passenger airport. We are a catalyst for infrastructure enhancement through new investments, project planning, resource management and partnership development. We seek to raise the collective value of our community’s commercial properties while making the CIDs a destination for new businesses, residents and visitors.”

Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs Mission Statement

FAQ About
The Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs

What are Community Improvement Districts (CIDs)?
CIDs are locally controlled, quasi-governmental entities established by provision of state law (Article IX, Section VII). CIDs are empowered to serve as the means of funding beautification, public safety and infrastructure projects such as those focused on transportation and water.

How are CIDs funded?
CIDs collect revenue through self-imposed and self-regulated property taxes on non-residential properties. The CIDs’ taxes are additional to the millage rates collected by counties and cities. The owners of participating properties within the CIDs agree to assess themselves the added tax. Commercial property owners within the CIDs elect a Board of Directors, and these individuals oversee how funds are spent.

What is the millage rate?
The current Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs millage rate is 5 mills. A mill is equivalent to 1/10th of 1% of the assessed value of a property.

What are the Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs?
The CIDs include the Airport West CID, which is located in Fulton County and encompasses portions of College Park, East Point, Atlanta and unincorporated Fulton County. The Airport South CID is also part of the Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs, and it is located in Clayton County to include a portion of College Park.

How large is the Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs’ district?
The CIDs account for approximately 15.46 square miles.

How can the public participate with the Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs?
The monthly CIDs Boards of Directors meetings are open to the public, and updates to ongoing and planned projects are presented at each meeting. Additionally, the CIDs works directly with their stakeholders, including property owners, business owners, civic organizations and residents for input on projects.


Airport West and Airport South CID leaders have united their efforts under the name Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs. Both sets of Board Members work together as a much stronger unit to serve commercial and industrial property owners in Fulton and Clayton Counties. See Airport South & Airport West millage rate notices.


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