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Communities of the Aerotropolis Atlanta area about the impact of freight and logistics to the local economy.


Property owners of the Aerotropolis Atlanta area how this study can potentially improve business opportunities and leverage their collective value. 


The input of the community so that we ensure their voices are heard and serve as an effective impact to this study. 


Details About the FCP 

The Aerotropolis Atlanta Freight Cluster Plan (FCP) is a 14-month study of the freight industry’s operations in and through the Aerotropolis area. Freight movement is a multi-billion-dollar industry in Georgia and a major economic driver in the southern metropolitan Atlanta region. The FCP area was estimated to be $313 billion more than five years ago and has seen double-digit expansion since the last study was done.

The study will examine the existing and projected future conditions of freight movement around the airport and recommend improvements that will aid in the continued movement of cargo in and through the airport area.

 The FCP will analyze how goods move around the Aerotropolis and how current and emerging trends in freight and logistics impact freight mobility.

Based on that analysis, the study team will then make recommendations for supporting safe and efficient freight movement in and around HJAIA and keeping this important economic engine viable. The study team, being led by Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement Districts (AACIDs) will work closely with project partners, including the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), Fulton and Clayton Counties, and the cities of Hapeville, East Point, College Park, South Fulton and Forest Park and other stakeholders, to establish the vision, framework, and plan of action for supporting the freight industry in the Aerotropolis, while also considering the impacts on people who live and work in the area.

Estimated Value (in Billions) of Study

Number of Months of Study


Watch the FCP Video 

 To better understand our purpose and the impact of freight movement throughtout the Aerotropolis region, we created an informative video to empower those that live work and play in this area. We are hopeful that this educational video will foster opportunities to support our outreach efforts where the goal is to to educate, inform and involve the public as to the purpose and progress of the FCP by highlighting local issues, technical considerations, and potential impacts.

The FCP study and outreach staff will be out in the community attending scheduled events to share educational and informational materials and collect feedback from the public. All events will be listed on this web page and also shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed a few common questions that may be helpful for understanding more about the FCP. 

How long will this study last?

Approximately 14 months

Will this study impact my commute throughout the Aerotropolis area?

It should not affect your commute, however there may be construction in the future tied to projects that come out of this study.

Has the AACIDs conducted this study before?

We actually began working on the Freight Cluster Study fall of 2018. 

Is there anything I can do to help?

Yes. Feel free to offer intelligent comments and/or questions that will assist in our effectiveness of this study.

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