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Welcome All Road 


We had our Public Information Open House on Thursday, October 24, 2019 to offer information on the proposed Welcome All Road and Welcome All Road Connector Intersection Project. Our goal was two-fold 1) to provide individuals with information on the proposed project and 2) to provide an opportunity for anyone to give us your comments on the proposed project. 




A Public Information Open House is a forum open to the community/public as way to offer insight on upcoming proposed project(s) regarding infrastructure, construction, signage, etc.. that may impact and improve that area. Residents are encouraged to participate so that they can offer their opinion and insight as to the pros and cons of such projects in their respective area. 

Traffic operations between Camp Creek Parkway (SR 6) and the Welcome All Road experience frequent congestion. The stop-controlled intersection at Welcome All Road and Welcome All Connector causes traffic back-ups extending beyond the length of the Connector into the intersection on Camp Creek Parkway (SR 6). Additionally, traffic backs up along Welcome All Road, leading up toward the three way stop.

Not only does the intersection have traffic delays, there are major safety concerns. Crash records show a total of 144 crashes and 33 injuries between 2014 and 2018 have been reported between the three way stop intersection at Welcome All Road and Welcome All Connector and the signalized intersection at Camp Creek Parkway and Welcome All Connector.

This proposed intersection project is illustrated in the Project Location Map Below. Project limits begin on Camp Creek Parkway (SR 6) at the CSX bridge approximately 400’ west of the intersection with Welcome All Connector and terminate approximately 1500’ east of the intersection. The project on Welcome All Road should begin at the end of the four-lane divided cross section of Welcome All Road and terminate at the north end of the bridge over Camp Creek Parkway (SR 6).

The proposed project would realign Welcome All Road beginning south of the bridge over Camp Creek to create a T-intersection with Camp Creek Parkway (SR 6) at the same location as the current intersection of Camp Creek Parkway (SR 6) and Welcome All Connector. Welcome All Road, north of the bridge over Camp Creek Parkway, would be slightly realigned to create a stop-controlled intersection with the newly realigned Welcome All Road. Welcome All Road will have two left turn lanes and a free flow right turn lane onto Camp Creek Parkway (SR 6). The left turn lane from Camp Creek Parkway (SR 6) onto Welcome All Road would be extended. Welcome All Road over Camp Creek would have four 12’ lanes and two left turn lanes. Welcome All Road starting approximately 200’ south of the Bridge over Camp Creek Parkway at the new stop sign travelling north will remain two 12’ lanes.

Aerial of Welcome All Road Intersection

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